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Interview Tips

Things to remember while appearing in an Interview – 

♠ Be energetic.

♠ Show willingness and eagerness but not desperation.

♠ Listen to the questions carefully

♠ Politely request the interviewer to  repeat the question, if you fail to understand his/her question.

♠ Make sure you are answering the question that you have been asked.

♠ Prepare the technical questions related to Banking / Marketing / Finance / HRM.

♠ Go through some case studies given in your books or search online.

Prepare the following Questions:

♠ Tell us about yourself.

♠ Why should we hire you?

♠ Where do you see yourself after 5 years. 

♠ What is your career goal?

♠ What are your long-term goals?

♠ Are you willing to relocate/travel for work?

♠ What are your short-term goals?

♠ Why this sector (Bank/FMCG/Automobile etc.).

♠ Suppose if you are selected what will u do..?”

♠ Tell me something about our company.

♠ “How do you know so much about our company?”

♠ An offline business wants to go online, what is your advice?

♠ Explain how would you be an asset to this organization?

♠ Personal part time sales experience. (Internships and/or work experience)

♠ Sell this pen to me or Sell me a bottle of water.

♠ What are your strengths?


All the best.

Team examclip


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